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About Us


Shield Systems, Inc. has been providing over 40 years of experience in the area of moisture protection. Specifically, we specialize in below grade waterproofing, sealers for masonry and concrete, waterproofing systems for plaza decks and garden roofs, traffic membrane systems for concrete exposed to vehicular or pedestrian traffic and a full range of exterior and interior expansion joints. Our services include assisting during design development, providing field observations and support as well as the training of field personnel in proper application of various waterproofing "systems" offered by our various vendors. We assure positive results by our involvement in projects from start to finish.

As partners with the marquee manufacturers in our industry, our resources and product technology is truly unmatched. We commonly provide specifications as well as CAD details for project specific applications. Remedial services include forensic work such as core sampling and independent test reports or analyses to assure proper product selection for specific structures.


Contact us today at 314-865-5550 to learn more about what we can do for your business.

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