CETCO provides products and services worldwide, extending to customers in a diverse range of industries including industrial applications, concrete waterproofing for underground structures, lining systems for liquid containment on projects ranging from landfills to flood control, and non-oil and gas related drilling applications including foundation, water well, and horizontal drilling.

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Recent CETCO Projects

Previous CETCO Projects

  • MetroLink (St. Louis, MO)

    Metrolink, the highly used light rail system in St. Louis, experienced a major expansion that included a mile long underground tunnel. To assure that the tunnels maintained a dry environment, CETCO Swelltite was used on the precast tunnel roof panels while VOTLEX DS was selected for property line and below slab applications. The Voltex DS utilizes a HDPE liner, attached to the geotextile bentonite, which offers additional protection against methane and radon gases. This was deemed necessary since the tunnels are commonly occupied by Metrolink users and personnel.
  • BJC North Campus (St. Louis, MO)

    BJC North Campus building is a typical example of how the Voltex Geo-textile bentonite waterproofing product can be used on property line construction. The installation starts with the Aquadrain 15X drainage board being attached to the lagging retention wall system. After placement of the 15X, the applicator follows with the application of the Voltex membrane. Next, the steel reinforcement is placed and the concrete forming is then erected for placement of the concrete. Concrete is poured against the exposed membrane which results in the Voltex mechanically "attaching" itself to the concrete.
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