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  • Maryville Centre Parking Garage (St. Louis, MO)

    The Maryville Center Parking Garage consists of number parking decks that service the Maryville Plaza business campus. To provide long term protection to these many garages it was determined that the Degussa Dynasylan BHN and CIT Corrosion Inhibitive Treatment would be used. The BHN was used on all elevated precast decks while the CIT was selected to protect the older elevated cast in place parking slabs. Applied in two saturating coats, the 100% silane products leave no residue or visible built up due to the products' ability to realize deep penetration into the concrete. The depth of penetration assure long term protection against chloride and other moisture related damages.
  • Mid-Rivers Mall Aquatrete (St. Peters, MO)

    Mid-Rivers Mall has experienced incredible growth in the past decade. Most recently a Costco store was added to the retail mecca and it was in need of protection to the masonry facade of the building. Having a long history as a masonry sealer the Degussa Aquatrete material was used to provide a non-film forming finish to the exterior walls. Being a water based product made for an easy, safe installation.