About GreenScapes Garden Roofs

CETCO's GreenScapes system combines the performance of CETCO's proven waterproofing with modern greenroof technology and design. Greenroof assemblies can vary from project to project, but at the very least all GreenScapes include a waterproofing membrane, root barrier, drainage, growing media and plants covering the roof deck.

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Green Roof Study Finds Big Variation in Stormwater Retention- GreenSource Magazine.

Recent GreenScapes Projects

Previous GreenScapes Projects

  • 5205 Bischoff Ave Garden Roof (St. Louis, MO)

    The home of Shield Systems recently underwent a historic re-roofing project. Historic because it is the first Garden Roof assembly installed in "The Hill" neighborhood. The project started with a complete roof tear-off and followed with the placement of the Strataseal HR Hot Rubberized Roofing membrane. To allow for pedestrian traffic, Wausau pavers were installed using a paver/pedestal system; this allowed for leveling of the sloped deck. Finally, CETCO's garden roof assembly was put in place to accommodate the engineered soil which will support the future plantings. When finished the area will provide a serene environment where the building occupants can visit and enjoy the pleasures of the roof top garden.

  • Bowood Farms (St. Louis, MO)

    John McPheeters, owner of Bowood Farms, installed a Strataseal HR and Cetco Greenscapes Garden Roof Assembly during a building expansion of his nursery located in the Central West End. His results were so positive that the same system has been added to another structure located on the nursery site.

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