About Emseal

Emseal prides itself on having high-quality, innovative and durable materials for use in sealing and bridging small and large building components and structural joints in foundations, decks, walls and floors.

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Recent Emseal Projects

Previous Emseal Projects

  • Clayton Recreation Center (Clayton, MO)

    Clayton Recreation Center in Clayton, Missouri put the Emseal Colorseal joint to the test when a seal was required for the main entry canopy. Several changes in plane in the joint required the product to be easy to field fabricate and maintain water tightness without sacrificing aesthetics. Colorseal delivered in this challenging installation.
  • Lambert Airport Garage (St. Louis, MO)

    Lambert Airport Parking Garage holds one of the oldest St. Louis applications of Colorseal product. Installed in 1995, the Colorseal has provided a "seal" in the barrel vaulted skylight attached to the Main Terminal Parking garage. Colorseal was selected because of its ability to follow the radius contour of the skylight.
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